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"Thanks so much for all your work on this tribute to my brother. It was a special treat to be able to give a DVD to each family member at the reunion."

Cynthia Davis, Georgetown, TX


"We will always be thankful to Sam Bass Video Services for the memorial DVD of my sister that was played at her service. Your quick response was greatly appreciated by all her family members. Thanks for doing a great job!"

Billie Sherer, Phoenix, AZ


"I was very pleased with the DVD slideshow that Sam Bass Video did of our family photos."

Janey Pinkston, Denver City, TX


 "We are delighted with the professional job Sam Bass Video has done converting our archive of home movies on 8mm film to DVDs for easy viewing.  The kids were thrilled to get copies of their own and it's nice to know these family history treasures will continue to be enjoyed and preserved in the new format."

Scott Hansen, Round Rock, TX