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How to Order


NOTE: This order process is only for OUT OF TOWN customers. If you live in the Round Rock area, our preferred method is for you to call 512.310.1039 and setup an appointment to drop off or pickup.

The order process is very simple. The customer selects the service that they want, downloads our printable order form below for that particular service, fills it out and submits it along with video tapes, 35mm slides, photo files or film reels to Sam Bass Video Services. We highly recommend that you ship via a carrier that allows tracking (FedEx, UPS, etc.) All tapes or reels submitted should be numbered and the corresponding number indicated on the order form.

Our goal is to turnaround your order in 14 business days or less. As soon as your order is complete, we will ship to you your new DVD and original source material (tape, slides, film, etc.) and you will receive an email notification with a UPS tracking number. We charge a flat amount per order for shipping and handling. If you live in Texas you will be charged a state sales tax of 8.25% of your total order amount.


Download video transfer PDF order form here

Download film transfer PDF order form from here

Download slideshow PDF order form from here