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Film Transfer to DVD or Blu-Ray

Sam Bass Video Services can transfer your old 16mm, regular or Super 8mm movie film to a DVD or Blu-Ray disc. We use a professional telecine machine that captures each individual frame of film off the emulsion surface of the film using an enlarged gate for full frame viewing. Our professional high definition camera insures a high quality transfer. The captured frames will then be rendered by our software at the original film frame rate. We currently do not support sound for film transfer. However, we will accept an audio file from you and for a minimum fee add it to your DVD or Blu-Ray disc. Also, for an additional fee, we can add royalty-free background music to your video.

Our basic film transfer rate includes hand cleaning prior to transfer and minor color correction. We support 3" (50 ft), 4" (100 ft), 5" (200 ft), 6" (300 ft) or 7" (400 ft) 8mm reel sizes and can put approximately 1,500 feet of film on a single layer DVD or 3,000 feet of film on a dual layer DVD. We offer both a single or dual layer DVD or digital tape (miniDV or Digital8) media. We also support Blu-Ray discs for our customers who prefer a high definition film transfer. If you prefer to do your own video editing, we can transfer the uncompressed avi files on your supplied external hard drive.